Celebrating Kim LaFave, US Army Veteran

Kim LaFave, US Army Veteran and January 2019 Missilette

Kim Joins the Women In Uniform

As a Veteran, Kim says that it has been her privilege to learn, grow, and instill the Army's Core Values within herself.  She served in the Army Reserves from 1997 to 2005.  During her active duty training, she established a foundation where she became more disciplined and establishing self-confidence.

Life Skills and Opportunities Gained Through Military Service

Kim is thankful for the opportunities that the Army provided, such as worldwide travel and serving alongside others.  A highlight in her career, Kim participated in a German exchange program where she traveled to Stadtallendorf, Germany, and worked with German soldiers on vehicle repairs and weapons training (how awesome is that!?).  

In the US, Kim's service locations included Fort Jackson South Carolina, Aberdeen Proving Grounds Maryland, Fort Polk Louisiana, Fort Irwin California, Fort McCoy Wisconsin, and Fort Custer Michigan.

Leadership Lessons from the Military


"My advice to all women is to be strong; don't be afraid to take on challenges and always remember to be true to yourself."

While the Army taught Kim both leadership skills and trust building, she says, "there is nothing better than having a team... but, having and working with a team of soldiers is even more special. The bond that you have with one another is a skill that many will never understand."

Soldiers are taught that when you go down, others are always there to pick you up.  The Army core values builds a foundation where soldiers are taught to be loyal, respectful, honorable, operate with integrity, be selfless, have courage, and understand what their duty is.  Kim says that with these core values, she feels that she is a better person.  "Now," she says,  "I just need to be healthy again." 

Supporting Strong Women

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