HelloMissilia is a tactical lifestyle essential brand for women.  With unique products chosen by US Women Veterans, the contents inside every package are exciting and especially curated to support a legacy of a featured woman.  Certified Veteran-owned, Certified Woman-owned, HelloMissilia aims to prepare strong women for life's mission.

“HelloMissilia was created to bring awareness to the unique needs
of women who are making a difference in the world by serving others.”
Shelly C. Rood, HelloMissilia Co-Founder

HelloMissilia was established in Summer of 2018. The company is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.


The mission of HelloMissilia is about so much more than just the products. It’s about empowering our nation's women and supporting the active lifestyle of those who have a passion for public service.  We exist to serve and connect like-minded women.

Together, we’ll improve the mental resiliency of our nation's women and make the HelloMissilia Box a tribute to strong women everywhere.


  • 42% of female Veterans say that they do not "feel respected and valued"
  • the suicide rate for female Veterans is nearly double that of civilian women
  • nearly 1/3 of female Veterans say that they were raped during their time in service

Professionals agree that community makes all the difference in the recovery and mental health of these women.  HelloMissilia provides monthly in-person meet-ups and support groups to women of all backgrounds who are interested in connecting with like-minded women and improving their mental resiliency.  Get started by discovering local events on our HelloMissilia Facebook Page.