Celebrating Kristina Tonelli, US Army Veteran

Kristina Tonelli, US Army Veteran and our February 2019 Missilette

Joining the Military as a Young Woman

For eight years, Krissy served in the Indiana Army National Guard as an 88M, Motor Transport Operator (Truck Driver). Following Initial Entry Training (IET), she was assigned to the 1638th Transportation Company and served in Operation Enduring Freedom from 2013-2014.

Working in Mortuary Affairs in Combat

While overseas, along with performing 88M duties, she was also assigned to assist within the mortuary site on base. Along with the mortuary affairs team, Krissy was recognized by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) 4-Star General and the ISAF Sgt. Maj. for her selflessness and expedience in handling a tragedy that had occurred during the deployment. 

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right."

Krissy's Favorite Quote by Henry Ford

Facing Difficulty Transitioning off Active Duty

Krissy was medically retired from the military in May of 2018. She said, "One of the biggest challenges I face is the ability to reintegrate into civilian life after having to hang up the uniform. I am learning to accept the changes that come with life after the military. This has compelled me to dig deeper into my faith and I try to remember that God has a plan for me."

Krissy loves the open road! A native of Northwest Indiana, she moved to Michigan just over a year ago and as the oldest of six kids in a close-knit family, she makes frequent trips back home to spend time with them.

In her words: "The best advice I can give is no matter what comes your way, never give up. Take it minute by minute, which turns to hour by hour, and day by day. Remember that you are never alone, and don’t be afraid to reach out- because there are people out there who care."