Celebrating Brittney Harding, U.S. Air Force

Brittney Joins the Women In Uniform and Enlists in the U.S. Air Force

Honoring U.S. Air Force Service Member Brittney Harding, our May 2019 Missilette

Brittney's military journey began long before she actually enlisted. Her father served nearly 27 years in the Army and during that time, she fell in love with the military lifestyle and camaraderie that came along with it. In 2011, Brittney decided to enlist in the U.S. Air Force as a Security Forces member, otherwise referred to as Military Police. This incredible woman is charged with defending an an entire installation and its resources, along with the tens of thousands of fellow service members and their families (no pressure lol).

Doing What It Takes

Although her job is both physically and mentally demanding, Brittney says that she truly believes that it is one of the greatest jobs on the planet. During time served at her first duty station (Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota), Brittney served two tours overseas, married her wonderful husband (and fellow service member), and was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

In 2016, she said goodbye to the snow and hello to hundred degree temperatures at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, where she is currently serving.

Brittney Harding, Active Duty Security Forces, May 2019

Life As A Woman In The Military

Does Brittney face any struggles as a female in the military? You bet! She says that serving is hard, and that serving as a female is a completely different level of hard. "It is no secret that the armed forces are made up by a male majority. Within my career field, the number of females is even more scarce."

"Stop letting fear and excuses limit you. No goal is too big, no dream is too far out of your reach. You ARE capable, so stop settling and start believing in yourself- PERIOD."

Brittney Harding, on her advice to other women

Combating Gender Stereotypes

Brittney says that one of the biggest challenges is combating gender stereotypes. "While it shouldn’t be this way, often times as a female I have to work twice as hard to command the same respect as my male counterparts. I think women who serve have made tremendous strides over the last several decades and I believe it is up to the ones such as myself who are serving now to continue to pave the way for the next generation of strong female leaders."

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Advice For Working Moms

Her biggest challenge is juggling motherhood while serving. She says that even though some days the idea of being at home with her daughter (and hanging up the combat boots) is all she wants to do, she serves anyway. "I do it so that others might not have to, because I love my country, and because I am proud to be protecting the ones I love."

How You Can Join Us and Support Strong Women

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