Celebrating Vicky Rad, Past President, Women In Defense

Vicky Rad, our December 2018 Missilette

Strong Women Holding Position of Influence

Vicky Rad is the immediate past president for the Women in Defense (WID) Michigan Chapter.  Her longevity with the defense industry spans over ten years and she has been affiliated with WID Michigan since its inception.  Her start on the board was serving on the scholarship committee after she received her own WID Horizon scholarship back in 2011.

Lessons Learned: Being a Female in the Automotive Industry

She was first introduced to the defense industry back when Michigan was hit really hard with the automotive recession.  At that time, she worked for an automotive prototyping company who began bidding on defense replacement parts to keep the company afloat.  This gave her an opportunity to know a different customer, the US Army.  Their mission, to serve and protect the warfighter, was always the prominent message and sticks with her still today.

She went on to receive her masters certificate in government contracting and used this expertise to help other companies bid on government contracts.  She is currently employed with the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development where she helps oversee a larger mission to protect and grow Michigans defense community, which includes the US Army Detroit Arsenal, Selfridge Air National Guard Base and over 700 defense contractors that make their home in Macomb.  

"We are on the Go Train!  Hop on now because this train is going places and you dont want to miss our next stop!"

Supporting Strong Women

Women In Defense (WID) Michigan Chapter, A National Security Organization, is a non-profit professional networking and development organization for women and men across Michigan who contribute to national defense and security.  Formed in 2007, the Michigan Chapter seeks to strengthen and influence the defense and national security industry by inspiring women, cultivating leadership, and growing professional relationships. 

Special thanks to President Carrie Mead and her team at Women In Defense Michigan for sponsoring this month's Missilette!  As a result of their generosity, Vicky's story is being told and hopefully inspiring other women to aid in the defense of our nation.