Celebrating Zaneta Adams, U.S. Army Veteran

Zaneta's paving the way for strong women everywhere

Honoring U.S. Army Veteran Zaneta Adams, our June 2019 Missilette

Persevering Through Adversity

Zaneta served 8 years in the US Army and was medically retired in 2006. She graduated from Columbia College with a BA in Psychology. While serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Zaneta was injured when she fell 11ft from an M35 series 2 1/2-ton cargo truck with the rails up. With her spirit persevering, Zaneta overcame the fear and medical diagnosis that she may never walk again. She graduated from Western Michigan Cooley Law School in May 2014 as a Distinguished Law Student and in 2015, she passed the Bar.

Among other things, Zaneta works tirelessly assisting Veterans with their compensation and pension appeals in Muskegon, MI. She is an Adjunct Professor of Veteran’s Law at Western Michigan Cooley Law School and was named a Top 100 Lawyer for the US in 2017.

"Being acknowledged as being the veteran. It is so frustrating to have been considered one of America’s elite, only to have to constantly prove your service in the civilian world."

Zaneta Adams, on being a female Veteran

Paying It Forward by Lifting Up Other Women

In 2014, Zaneta founded WINC: For All Women Veterans (Women Injured iN Combat). Since its inception, she championed for and was able to get a Muskegon Women Veterans Day, as well as a House resolution, passed for June 12 to be Women Veterans Recognition Day in the state of Michigan (yay! so thankful!). Zaneta's organization provides: resource referrals; Military Sexual Trauma Support groups and retreats; Women Veterans Support groups and retreats; scholarships; volunteer opportunities for women Veterans with PTSD who would like to work but can’t; and a newly launched Military Sisterhood Initiative in partnership with Challenge America.

"Be strong, be confident, and remember why you joined. You have a purpose that is yours alone and no one- nothing- should stop you from seeing your goal become reality."

Zaneta Adams, on her advice to other military women

Life as a Woman Outside of the Military

In her free time (what free time!?), Zaneta truly loves to just unwind and have fun. She has a love to laugh, let loose with her friends and family, and “smell the roses”. Zaneta is an accomplished singer and songwriter who advocates for all who know her. She can be vulnerable and self doubting just like most women but she makes every effort to try and surround herself with positive people. Zaneta says that positive woman lift her up as much as she lifts them up! Zaneta is married to Joseph Adams and together they have six children (including 2 sets of twins!).

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Advice For Strong Women

"Be your best authentic self while improving on the YOU that you are.  If people don’t love you for who you are, then they don’t deserve your time."

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